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Five Tips For Pressure Washing Your Sidewalk

A clean walkway or sidewalk makes your whole yard seem pristine and tidy. But getting a sidewalk clean can be a bit of a challenge. The easiest approach to take is to use a pressure washer, but even that is not as straightforward as you might hope! Rely on the tips below to guide you and get you the best results:

Sweep the sidewalk first.

If you do not sweep the sidewalk first, then clumps and mud, leaves, and other debris may just end up getting ground into the concrete or pushed across it when you power wash. Take a push broom to it, and at least get the big pieces off the sidewalk surface before you begin.

Apply a degreaser, if needed.

If you have any oil spills on your sidewalk, you will want to add a degreasing substance to your pressure washer. Focus on spraying the greasy spot, first. Then, you can switch to regular water to rinse off the greasy spot and the rest of the sidewalk.

Use an adjustable pressure washer.

Pressure washers that only have one setting are often not quite strong enough to effectively clean concrete. They are made to be safe on more delicate surfaces like your siding and vehicles. So, look for a pressure washer that has adjustable power. You can rent one for a lot less than it costs to buy one. Setting it to medium is usually sufficient. Some models might have settings for various materials, and if this is the case, you can just set yours for "concrete."

Use a sweeping motion.

Haphazardly spraying the sidewalk won't do a lot of good. You'll just push the dirt around. Instead, start at one end of the sidewalk, and then sweep the pressure washer from side to side, angling it so that the stream of water hits the concrete at a 45-degree angle. This will help push the dirt off to the side, into the grass. 

Apply a sealer afterward.

Let the concrete dry once you have cleaned it.Then, use a sprayer to apply a concrete sealer. You can buy such a sealer at most home improvement stores. It will keep any additional dirt and debris from seeping into the concrete. Just make sure you apply it when rain is not expected since it typically needs to dry and adhere to the concrete for about a day afterward.

If you follow the tips above, you should have a clean walkway or sidewalk in no time. Contact a company like Ben's Cleaner Sales for more information and assistance. 

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