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Ordering Graphene Oxide Online? Ask These Questions

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Graphene oxide is sometimes used in research facilities to increase the thermal and electrical conductivity of polymers being studied. This filler is typically used in powder form and can be ordered online. However, if you're the person placing orders, you may not know the best questions to ask before you click that order button. Before placing your online graphene oxide orders, ask these questions.

Am I Ordering a Powder?

Placing orders quickly can make you overlook a vital quality: the form of oxide you're ordering. Most facilities require graphene oxide powder, but it is sold in liquid form as well and sometimes costs less that way. Liquid oxide can be converted into powder, but that is typically a time-consuming process that requires additional materials and equipment your facility may not have. Avoid faulty orders by double-checking that you have powder in your online shopping cart before moving forward.

Does a Foreign Company Run This Site?

Even if the website you're ordering from doesn't have an obvious indicator that the company is foreign--such as a .eu or .ca domain address--you could unwittingly place your order with a company outside this country. Even if you realize that fact, it may not mean much to you. However, when the powder arrives, your facility may need to pay more in customs fees and you may need to present additional documentation about the facility before the powder package can be released to you. This can create problems if you need the powder right away, so you might want to order powder domestically whenever possible.

What is the Shelf Life?

Be sure that you're ordering powder that has been sealed and will last as long as you need to use it. Ordering leftovers from other researchers, for instance, is typically frowned upon because the powder's shelf-life could have been reached and research results could be skewed. Verify the shelf-life of the powder you order and use it accordingly.

Is Support Available?

Sometimes graphene oxide powder orders need to be adjusted or resolved after delivery. You may need less than you first thought, or you might get oxide liquid by mistake. Knowing customer support or service is available before you become involved with a company is essential. If support staff isn't answering phones or emails now, you may want to work through other retailers.

Getting the right graphene oxide powder is important for your work. Let these details ensure a smooth order and delivery.