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Are Your Employees Threatening To Strike? What To Look For In A Strike Staffing Company

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Before employees go out on strike, they often give you, the employer, numerous warnings, letting you know that it is coming. During this time, you should be proactive in looking for a strike staffing company. Having a company ready to step in and take over operations of your company in case of a strike helps you to avoid a shut down and loss of business and profit due to your employees striking. But since a strike is something that most businesses rarely, if ever, have to deal with, you may be unsure of what you need to look for in a strike staffing company. Here are three factors to consider when you are looking for a strike staffing company. 

If They Have the Trained Professionals You Need

In some cases, you may need unskilled professionals to step in and help your customers. These individuals can be quickly trained to handle basic tasks like filing, answering phone or making copies. But in other industries, you may need trained and licensed professionals. You may need a licensed forklift or crane operator, or you may need plumbers who hold plumbing licenses. Always ask a strike staffing company if they have the type of trained professionals that you need, if you need them. 

How Quickly They Can Staff Your Business

Another important factor to consider is how quickly they can staff your business. While you may know a strike is coming, you may not know the exact day the strike will happen or whether your employees will truly walk off the job until it happens. A great strike staffing company can staff your business within hours of receiving the call that employees are needed. Always ask how quickly a company can staff your business if a strike happens. 

The Cost to Your Business

The last factor to consider is how much you will be charged for the strike staff. A strike staff can help you avoid a business shut-down. But at the same time, the staff needs to be reasonably priced or your business may not remain profitable. As such, it is important to ask how much a company will charge you to staff your business in the event of a strike. 

Every business has different needs. As such, you need to find a strike staffing company that can help you to meet your business needs in the event of a strike. Knowing what factors to look for can help you get the trained and qualified staff you need to help ensure your business is functional, even if your employees go out on strike.