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Boost The Lasting Power Of Your Cardboard Boxes With These Tips

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Regardless of what you're selling, you want the cardboard box in which the product is sold to have some lasting power. In other words, instead of the customer tearing open the box, grabbing the product inside, and tossing the box into the recycling bin, it's ideal if you can produce a box that the customer will want to keep. Depending on your product, perhaps the customer will keep the product in the box. In other cases, the customer may use the box for storing other things. The longer the customer keeps the box, the more your brand stays in his or her mind — and this may help encourage the customer to make a future order. Here are some ways to boost the lasting power of the box:

Use Quality Cardboard

When you talk to the custom packaging company that you're partnering with for your boxes, you'll commonly be able to discuss different types of cardboard. If you want your box to have lasting power, pick cardboard that is corrugated. It's thicker than plain cardboard, which means that it will stand up not only to the shipping process better, but also be usable in the homes of your customers. When you opt for higher-quality cardboard, customers will be more apt to open the box carefully with the intention of saving it, rather than tear it up while opening it.

Make It Easy To Open

Different boxes require different approaches to open. If you use a heavy sticker across your box, the customer will tear through and likely tear the cardboard in the process — thus making the box destined for the recycling bin. If, however, you work with the packaging company to choose a box that is easy to open, perhaps with thick tabs that slide easily in and out of place, there's a higher probability that your customer will open the box with care so that he or she can keep it around afterward.

Have A Catchy Design

You should imagine your customers wanting to keep your boxes to store either your product or something else — and for this to become a reality, the exterior of the box will need to have a catchy design. Perhaps you go with something classy and understated, or maybe you select a relevant quote or slogan that you hope will resonate with your customers. Pick a design that is in alignment with your brand, whether it's formal or raucous, or somewhere in between.

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