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Proofreading Techniques to Ensure a Flawlessly Written Resume

One typo in your resume won't necessarily sink your chance of getting the job, but it certainly won't help — especially if you're applying for a role in which accuracy is critical. While careful attention to detail when you're composing your resume is important, you should also give yourself plenty of time to proofread the document. You'll feel much more confident submitting it if you're certain that there are no errors that the hiring manager will likely catch. Simply reading the document to yourself multiple times on the computer screen may not help you to catch each typo. Here are some useful techniques to employ instead.

Print It and Read It Aloud

An effective technique for proofreading your resume is to print it out, sit with a family member, and read the document aloud. Don't just try to get through it quickly. Instead, read each sentence meticulously, focusing on seeing and reading each word, rather than zipping through the sentences quickly because you know what they're supposed to say. This approach can not only help you to identify typos and grammar errors, but the person who is listening may point out areas that you might wish to change or enhance, too.

Highlight One Sentence at a Time

In order to avoid reading too quickly, you can use a hard copy of your resume and read it aloud to yourself. One approach to take is to use a highlighter and stroke out each sentence when you read it. Reading aloud in time with the stroke of your writing utensil can help you to avoid skipping forward and, instead, allow you to focus on each word within a phrase. Repeat this practice as many times you need in order to feel confident in your work.

Copy and Paste Individual Sections

A two-page resume can seem a little daunting when it comes to catching perhaps just one hidden typo, so one technique that you can use is to break things down. Copy an individual section of the document — or even a single entry in a particular section — into a blank word document. Then, read it multiple times. With fewer words to assess, it's easier to slow down the pace at which you read, and this can be valuable to help you catch any errors. Just remember that if you do notice something wrong, you'll need to change it in the original document, not just in your copied version.

If you prefer to seek professional help proofreading your resume, consult a resume writing service such as JWC Professional Resume Services.

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