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Tips For Choosing A Template For Your Resume

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One way to make your resume stand out is with an eye-catching template. While your resume must still have the content that employers are looking for, an appealing template can be valuable for getting your resume noticed. Gone are the days that you should submit a resume in a word processing document. Instead, it's a good idea to seek out some different templates online, download one, and input your personal and employment information into it. Don't immediately use the first template that you come across. Here are some tips for choosing the right one.

Boxes Work Well

You'll often find resume templates that incorporate different boxes, including some that are slightly shaded in gray. This look can create a significant visual impact on a hiring manager as soon as the resume appears on his or her screen or desk. For example, it could be something as simple as a box at the top of the template for your name and contact information. But, instead of the type appearing in black, it could appear in white in a black box to create visual interest.

Consider Some Graphics

Graphic elements can be another asset to your resume template. You'll commonly find a variety of different graphic styles in resume templates. For example, you mind find a design that has a three-point rating that you assign yourself to describe your proficiency in with different languages. If you're fluent in reading, writing, and speaking a language, you would give yourself three points in this graphic. If you're fluent in speaking, you'd give one point. Be wary of templates that have too many graphics, though. Graphics should make it easy for a manager to assess your resume, not complicate your information.

Incorporate Small Images

A series of small images can be impactful on your resume template, provided that they don't detract from the information that the hiring manager wants to read. For example, some templates have small images that designate each separate section of the document. For the education section, there might be a small image of a graduation cap; for the employment history section, a briefcase could be used. When it comes to listing your technological expertise, a small image of a computer screen may be appropriate. The use of these images immediately makes your document more enjoyable to look at, as well as breaks up the text. This can have a difference on how a hiring manager receives it.

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