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Online Business Opportunities Without Much Upfront Cash

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Starting an online business is a daunting undertaking. There is so much to think about, such as creating a website with great content, features, and marketing. But the biggest concern is the startup capital. With all these things to be taken care of most people forget to be a little creative and first invest in business opportunities that need little cash upfront in order to fund their dream ventures.

Any business will have mandatory areas that cost money including:

  • Business license

  • Domain name

  • Marketing

  • Products

The best online business opportunity that requires little capital is going to be very self oriented. This means that you are the driving force behind the business. Below are five opportunities you can explore.

Artistic Creations

If you are already a painter, sculptor or clothing designer you can sell your own creations which will cost you nothing more than your supplies of paint or fabric and your skill. With platforms like Etsy, it is easy to make money off your creativity.

Provide Services

Services are not tangible goods so they can be provided anywhere. Baby sitting services, dog sitting service, housekeeping and lawn mowing can be promoted online and actualized on the client's premises. A website that properly outlines all your services and keeps you in touch with your client is all you need to sell as service.

Skill based services provide the most popular kind of online business opportunities. Being a plumber, bathroom renovator, landscaper or handyman means you always have business from people who need repairs done or home improvement.


Blogs allow you to make money writing and post pictures, videos and links about a topic that is near to your heart. Content needs to be compelling and engaging to attract visitors to your site and establish you as an industry leader.

You can make money through:

  • Google AdSense which are pay-per click ads that you can have on your site. Every time someone clicks on the add you makes some money.

  • Affiliate marketing which allows you to feature a product on your site and include links to it so every time the item is bought you make a commission off the sale. Doing product reviews with links to the product will help you achieve more sales.

To thrive in online business you must ensure that you are investing in a profitable niche. To learn what is trending or selling the most, check social media platforms and best selling platforms for your product. Keep these tips in mind when looking for the best online business opportunity.