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Five Lesser-Known Pieces Of Laundromat Equipment That You Will Need for Your Business

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If you walk into a laundromat and think to yourself, "Yeah, I could do this; it is totally a turnkey operation!" you should probably look around a little more. A laundromat is more than just washers and dryers. There's lots of other equipment you would need too. Make a list and rethink things before you jump in, as all of the equipment is as necessary to daily operations as the washers and dryers are.

Folding Tables

Some customers like to fold their laundry on a folding table before they pack it up and take it home. You should provide at least two or three folding tables in your laundromat, depending on how big the place is. This will encourage more customers to come to your laundromat when the one they usually go to does not have folding tables.

Change Machines

Not everyone plans ahead and walks around with twenty dollars in quarters in their pockets. Install change machines to create change for bill denominations up to twenty dollars. Better still, have your laundry machines take bills, wash credits cards, and/or debit cards for payment! Then customers can choose what method they want to use to wash and dry their laundry.

Rolling Basket Carts

What laundromat does not have rolling basket carts? Customers can fetch and hang garments from machines and then roll the clothes over to a folding table to fold, sort, and organize the rest. At least four baskets are the recommended number for times when your laundromat is especially busy.

Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener Dispensing Machines

How often have you gone to a laundromat to do laundry, only to discover that you left your detergent at home? That happens a lot. Make this frustrating moment easier for customers by installing a laundry detergent and fabric softener vending machine. The boxes or small bottles dispensed are all sample size, made for a single load and for customer convenience.


Life gets boring when you are sitting at a laundromat for hours at a time, waiting for your laundry to finish washing and drying. Every laundromat seems to have a TV. It helps to pass the time while your wash goes round and round. Sure, you could play on your smartphone, but even that will die before your laundry is complete. Provide customers with a little entertainment and the ability to change the channel, and you can bring in a few more customers.

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