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How To Add Insulation To Drywall

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Do you have a finished home that needs some extra insulation? Even if you walls are already drywalled, textured, painted, and sealed, you can still add insulation to them. There are a few ways that you can do this without having to demolish any walls. This article explains the best tools and techniques for adding insulation to finished walls without creating a big mess that is difficult to repair.

The Basic Concept

This process involves drilling small holes in your drywall and then shooting foam insulation into the holes. The foam insulation will fill in the stud bays within the walls, making your walls much more efficient. However, this techniques obviously won't work on every wall. In fact, it really only works on homes that have hollow bays (which is very common) Most homes have evenly spaced studs and traditional drywall that is easy to drill through. But, you want to be sure that your home is constructed in this manner before you begin the process. If you have brick walls or solid bays, then this technique obviously won't work.

How to Apply the Insulation

If you do think that you can add insulation to your walls using this technique, you just need a few simple tools and supplies. First of all, you need the insulation. You can buy disposable spray foam cans. These have limited capacity, and you would need quite a few to complete a large job. If you are planning on filling walls in an entire room or your entire home, you definitely don't want to use the cans. Instead, you should rent a foam spraying machine. These simple pneumatic machines can be easily refilled with spray foam mixture. They have much higher capacity and they are much cheaper than cans.

You need to start with a studfinder. You should mark where all of the studs are. Then, drill a hole right in between the two studs. It is best if you drill the hole close the ceiling. Make sure you hole is big enough to fit the spray foam nozzle. Once your holes are drilled, you can start to spray the foam. Basically, you want to spray the foam until it starts to come back out of the hole. This will be a sign that the bay is filled.

The final step is to patch and repaint the holes that you drilled. Just like that, your home is going to have much better insulation. For professional assistance, contact a company like Federal Conservation Corp.