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Four Accessories To Maximize Space In Office Cubicles

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Cubicles provide a way to maximize the floor space in your office while giving employees their own personal work stations. Because cubicles can sometimes be short on space, investing in cubicle accessories can help your employees make the most of their work areas. Here are a few options to consider when planning out your office's cubicles.

Under-Counter Cabinets

Providing space for files, office supplies, and personal items is essential for your employees' cubicles. Under-counter cabinets provide this essential space without taking up extra room in the work area. Consider cabinets with vertical filing systems for organizing paperwork, and choose cabinets with smaller drawers to organize everything from staplers to pens for a neat and tidy work area.

Overhead Shelving

Cubicles can be customized with overhead shelving, which puts binders and books within arm's reach for each employee. Position these shelves above where the computer will go in each cubicle so they are easily accessible, and consider shelves with built-in dividers to make organizing easy. Some shelves can be customized with lighting underneath to illuminate the work area and eliminate shadows created by the shelving.

Hanging Baskets

You can purchase wire baskets that hang from the top of the cubicle walls to provide additional storage space for small items, such as pens or envelopes, and you can also find hanging file pockets that can be used for inboxes or sorting memos. These small cubicle accessories help remove some of the clutter from the desk or counter, creating a clean, tidy work area for your employees. Consider investing in extra baskets and bins, which can be stored in your supply closet. Employees can grab what they need to customize their work area as they see fit, giving them more options for customizing their cubicles.


Whiteboards provide handy ways to jot down notes, stay organized, and get motivated throughout the day. Outfit each cubicle with a whiteboard to provide space for organizing thoughts, and be sure that the whiteboards include magnetic trays to hold markers and erasers. You can hang the whiteboards above the desk top, or you can reserve an entire wall near the entrance of the cubicle for even more space to write down important messages.

Talk to your employees to see what they want most in their cubicles, and use these ideas to maximize space in each work area. With the right office equipment, your employees can have everything they need at their fingertips without making the cubicles feel cramped.