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3 Tips To Help You Hire The Right Seasonal Workers

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Many businesses experience sudden spikes in retail activity during certain times of the year. For many businesses, this spike occurs around the holidays. For others, the rise in demand for products and services can be related to other seasonal events (like the start of a hunting season or the summer wedding season).

In order to accommodate your customers during these peak times, you may need to hire seasonal workers. Use these tips to ensure you hire seasonal employees who will serve as an asset to your company.

1. Look for candidates with the right skill set.

Since seasonal jobs are only limited engagements, there is no time for lengthy training periods. This means that the employees you hire to fill seasonal positions will need to already have the skill set required to complete the job-related duties.

If a worker doesn't have previous experience, it's important that he or she can pick up on the tasks required quickly. Skilled seasonal employees can improve the customer experience and ensure that your company continues to run smoothly throughout periods of high demand.

2. Look for candidates with a flexible schedule.

A lot of retail stores extend their business hours during peak shopping seasons. These extended hours mean that your employees need to be flexible with their scheduling. Be sure to ask any potential seasonal workers about other jobs they currently have or are looking for.

Other forms of employment could limit the individual's schedule, making it difficult for you to use your seasonal workforce to fill in the scheduling gaps left by your permanent employees. Flexibility is a must when hiring quality seasonal workers.

3. Look for candidates with previous seasonal experience.

It can be beneficial to hire individuals who have held a seasonal position before. Maintain a database filled with contact information for all your past seasonal workers. This list can be used as a recruiting resource to help you hire employees you know can complete the job reliably and without constant supervision.

If a potential candidate has worked in a seasonal capacity for another company, this shows that he or she can handle the high-stress situations that often arise when retail stores become busy. You can count on experienced seasonal workers to help you hold down the fort when it comes to managing the retail environment during peak shopping seasons.

Hiring the right seasonal workers is critical not only to the short-term success of your shopping season but to the long-term success of your company as a whole. To learn more, contact a company like Labor Works