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Sign Creation Tips For New Business Owners

As a new business owner, creating your company's brand and signage is an important step. Your company's signs and branding will be your identity to the general public, and they are what will draw your customers in. Because of the crucial role that they play, your signs require some careful, detailed thought and planning. Here are some tips to help you create signs that will help your business get started on the right foot.

Choose The Right Placement

You have to choose the right placement for your sign before you can effectively design it. The placement will dictate the size and shape of the sign that you can actually use. Take the time to evaluate your property and its proximity to the road. You want the sign to be as visible as possible from the road because that's how people will see the sign. Drive by your property from every possible direction. Consider how the property looks from each one so you can choose the placement that will be most visible and easily read by passers-by.

In addition, you need to contact the local zoning authority. They can tell you what the regulations are regarding how close the sign can be to the road. You need to design your sign installation so that it is within the parameters they define. Putting it too close to the road will result in fines and penalties, in addition to being legally required to move the sign, which will be costly as well.

Consider Your Design

Once you know where the sign will be placed and what kind of size and shape you have to work with, it's time to select your design. Start by choosing your colors. You want contrasting colors, such as yellow text on a black background, or red text on a white background. Make sure that your text stands out so that those driving by will be able to see and read it quickly and easily.

Add a graphic that will catch people's attention. Your company logo is the best option, because that creates a sense of brand recognition even for those who have never been in your business. They'll know the logo, and they'll recognize your company later, too.

Finally, create text that is succinct and easy to read quickly. You need to get the message through, and you want to be sure that your customers can easily see and read your marketing information to draw them in.

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