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Caring For A Display Cooler

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A display cooler with doors makes it easy for your customers to see what products you have to offer and help themselves to those products. It can save you the inconvenience of having to fetch products for customers or rattle off a list of things you have. However, having customers open and close the cooler day in and day out puts a lot of wear and tear on the unit. To keep it in good shape, you'll need to take great care of it. Here's how to do just that.

1. Keep the hinges lubricated.

The hinges on the cooler are put under strain every time the door is opened and closed. To prevent them from shearing or wearing out, you'll want to keep them lubricated. A basic lubricant like WD40 will do the trick, but one made specifically for cooler hinges is even better since these products tend to be thicker. Your cooler's manufacturer may offer a specialized lubricant formulated specifically for their hinges, which is an even better choice. Apply the lubricant once a month, wiping off any residual lubricant before applying new.

2. Check the gaskets.

The gaskets are strips of rubber that run along the door of your cooler. These gaskets can start to peel and tear when the door is opened and close a lot. After they're damaged, the cooler will start leaking air, so it may not properly maintain its temperature. Get into the habit of checking on the gaskets each time you personally open the cooler. If you notice any tears, have the gaskets replaced ASAP.

3. Don't overload the shelves.

The shelves in your cooler probably have a weight rating. You can find this number in your cooler's owner's manual. Take note of it, and then be sure not to overload the shelf. You don't want the shelf to crack or break, as this would make a huge mess. If you notice customers putting products back on the wrong shelves a lot, consider labeling the shelves to limit these mistakes and reduce the risk of overloading.

4. Keep it clean.

Customers' fingerprints, tiny spills in the bottom of the case, stickers stuck to the side — these may seem like mild nuisances, but over time, they can cause a cooler's finish to show wear. Give the case a quick wipe-down every single day, at the end of the day, so the grime never gets too thick.

For more information on finding a three-door commercial display cooler, contact your local equipment suppliers.