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4 Tips For Being Successful In College When You're Hard Of Hearing

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If you are hard of hearing, you might be worried about how well you will do while in college. After all, as you probably know, listening to lectures is a big part of the college experience for many students. It is entirely possible to go to college and be successful at it if you're hard of hearing, but you'll probably need to do things a little differently from how most students do. Some of the things that you can try are listed here, and you may learn additional tips and tricks for succeeding in school later on, too.

1. Use a Transcription Service

First of all, look into the transcription services that are out there. You may qualify for free transcription services because of your disability. You can then use a transcription service to help with things like transcribing your professor's recorded lectures. Then, you can simply read them at your own convenience instead of struggling to hear what is being said.

2. Wear Hearing Aids

If you have not seen a hearing professional to talk about hearing aids in a while, it might be time to make an appointment. Hearing aids have come a long way over the years, and there might be an option that can help you hear better than you think. Not only could this improve your experience while you're in college, but it could have a big, positive impact on your life overall.

3. Ask Your Instructor for Visual Learning Aids

If you talk to your teacher about your situation, he or she might be more willing and able to help you than you think. Your professor might provide you with more visual aids to help you with learning, such as written notes of what is being taught in class. Taking the time to talk to your professors about your concerns and experiences can help them be more helpful and understanding of your situation as a hard of hearing college student.

4. Consider Online Schooling

Online schooling is a good option for many students for a variety of reasons. Although some online classes do have video conferencing and video lecture material, a lot of these classes are text-heavy. Finding these online classes could work out well for you, and you might enjoy other aspects of online schooling as well, such as being able to work at your own pace and on your own schedule. 

Just because you're hard of hearing does not mean that you can't or shouldn't pursue a college education. In fact, it is entirely possible to be a successful college student when you're hard of hearing, and you will probably find that the four tips above will help you out a lot.

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