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How To Make It Through The Winter On A Single Tank Of Oil

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Heating oil is not cheap. Many times, you will have your tank filled at the beginning of winter, and then you'll need it filled again by springtime in order to make it through those last few weeks of chilly weather. But what if you could make it though the winter with just a single tank of oil? This would greatly help keep costs down, and it would save you the inconvenience of that late-winter fill-up. There are no guarantees, but if you follow the tips below, it's quite likely that you will make it through the winter on a single tank.

1. Have your furnace cleaned

Today's oil furnaces build up a lot less soot and grime than older ones, but they do still become dirty with regular use. The dirtier your furnace is, the less efficient it will become. Consider having a heating company come give your furnace a thorough cleaning at the beginning of heating season. They should clean the burner, the burn chamber, and even the oil valves. 

2. Change your air filters.

A dirty air filter also makes your furnace work harder. And the harder it has to work, the more oil it will burn through. Buy a stack of pleated filters at the beginning of the winter, and set them near the furnace. Then, set a reminder in your phone for the first of every month. When you get that reminder, go change your air filter. This way, your furnace will always be operating with a clean filter, which will maximize its efficiency.

3. Seal your doors and windows.

The less heat that escapes from your home, the less your furnace will have to produce. If you have older, drafty windows, cover them in plastic and hang up some insulating curtains. Make sure the weatherstripping on your door is intact. If there is a gap beneath your door, you can put a long door snake at the gap between the door and the floor as a quick solution.

4. Turn the temperature down.

If you're used to sitting in a 70-degree home and you suddenly turn the heat down to 60, you'll be cold. But if you turn the thermostat back just one degree every three of four days, your body will slowly adapt and you'll be comfortable at the lower temperature. Each degree will save you more and more oil, helping you to make it through with a single tank.

For more information about heating oil, reach out to a company like Oil Depot Inc.