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3 Things To Keep In Mind To Help You Hire The Right Welder For The Job

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If you are looking to hire someone to help with custom fabrications for your business, you need to hire a welder. A welder has the skillset to help create custom metal fabrications for your business.

A welder can help your business with a wide range of projects. When it comes to hiring a welder to work with your company, there are a few things you want to look for in order to ensure you hire the best possible welder.

Thing #1: Ask About School

Yes, it is true that one could learn how to weld on their own. However, most professional welders either went to school to master the techniques or they went through an apprentice program where they learned from some with far more experience the art of the craft.

In most states, to become a certified welder, you need a certain number of course hours or training hours in an apprentice program.

When hiring a welder, find out how they were trained. Did they attend a community college? Did they take vocational training? Did they go through an apprentice training program? What types of certifications have they earned?

You want to hire someone who has formal training and the skills to do the specific type of welding job that you are hiring for.

Thing #2: Ask About Experience

With welding, school is not everything. After completing formal training, most welders continue to learn and customize their craft on the job. Be sure to ask about one's welding experience on actual worksites.

Ask about what types of welding they've done and what the specifics of the jobs were that they worked on. Asking detailed questions about a welder's work experience will give you a better idea about the scope of jobs that they have handled in the past and what type of work they will be able to handle in the present.

Thing #3: Ask for Work Samples

Welding is a job that is all about the results and the products that one can produce. If you are hiring a welder to work on a very specific type of project or job, you can ask them for a work sample.

They can provide you with an old work sample that shows the type of weld you need, or you can provide them with material and time to create a new welding project for you that will demonstrate to you the skills that they have to meet the job you are hiring for.

When hiring a welder, you are going to want to focus on learning about the candidate's schools and work experience. You may also want to ask the candidate to produce a work sample so you can see the type of work that they create. You can also work with an organization that helps place welders with companies to make sure you get the right fit.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers welder staffing services.