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Three Features You Should Consider When Choosing Your Office Rental Space

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Offices and business districts are one of the foundations of the American economy, and virtually every business once it reaches a certain size will need some variant of an office. Whether you are just looking for a new space because your old rental agreement is up, or you are getting into office space rentals for the first time, there are some features you need to consider. These features can make your life a lot easier, while also making you more productive. Before you sign a new rental contract, consider whether your office really suits you by considering the following features.

Meeting Room

It is all well and good to have floor space for offices and a small kitchenette, but an office does not feel complete without at least some form of a meeting room. It doesn't have to be very large, and you don't need to use it for meetings per se, but a communal space where most of the employees can be gathered is important. It allows you to work on projects together, make announcements, create a team atmosphere, and generally run a tightly-knit team. Make sure your meeting room is the appropriate proportion for the number of people who may use it, and it should be able to fit at least 80% of your workforce that operates in the building. 

Flexible Floorplan

When choosing an office space, you want a building that can really be customized to fit your needs. Whether that is a large open area with plenty of room for bullpens or large, luxurious office spaces for a smaller workforce, you should want your office space rentals to be able to fit your desired floorplan. Some older office space rentals cannot be changed at all, but many modern office buildings have very adjustable rooms and layouts so that you can make it feel at home. 


The last thing you want is to have an office space that is perfect but miles away from any public transport options. Always try and stay as central as you can to other business or retail areas, as this will help your employees out tremendously. Also, consider internal accessibility. Does the building have a lift or just stairs? Are there many parking spots or do you need to pay? Can people with disabilities reach your floor easily or does it require a lot of effort? All of these conditions should be considered, as this is a big financial decision, so you want to get it just right.

To learn more, reach out to a local office space rental company.