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2 Key Tasks For Keeping Your Water Softener System Working Effectively

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Your water softener helps to remove hard chemicals from the water. It helps ease the stress your water puts on your plumbing system. To function properly, your water softener needs to be taken care of.

Way #1: Check the Salt Levels

One of the most important things you can do if you have a water softener system is check the salt levels. Checking the salt levels is a relatively easy task. You have to locate the brine tank and lift the lid. Then, obverse the level of the salt pellets. The pellets should be high enough to cover the water you can see in the tank. If the salt is less than half the tank, refill it. Be sure to break up any salt that is encrusted to the sides before adding new salt.

It is essential to monitor the level of salt in your water softener. When the salt gets too low, your softener will not be able to do its job, which means your water will remain hard.

Way #2: Clean the Brine Tank

It is essential to clean your brine tank at least once a year. Cleaning your brine tank will help increase your water softener's overall effectiveness and will work to remove sludge from your unit.

To clean the brine tank, you have to put your unit into bypass mode. Then, you need to turn off the water softener by unplugging it and disconnect the brine tank. The brine tank may be a little heavy. You are going to want to take it outside and pour out the contents. The salt will kill vegetation, so pour it out in the gravel, not on the grass.

Then, it is time to get to work cleaning the tank. You are going to want to use a brush to clean and scrub the inside of the tank. You can soak the tank in bleach water to help loosen up sediments. You will want to thoroughly flush the tank with water to ensure it is clean before drying it off and putting it back into the water softener. You will need to properly put the tank back in place before taking the unit off bypass mode.

When you start it up again, you will want to add water, around five gallons, to the tank and add salt bags to fill it back up again.

With a water softener, it is essential to regularly check the salt levels and take the brine tank apart at least once a year to deep clean it.