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What To Know About Patenting An Idea For Your Business

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If you are starting your own business, you may have an idea that you want to patent to make it exclusive to your business. Here is what to know about getting this done for those that are unfamiliar with the process. 

Know About The Different Types Of Patents

There is actually more than one type of patent that you can seek out, with each one having its own purpose. A utility patent is a way to protect an idea, invention, or basically any novel way of doing something that only you originally came up with. 

A provisional patent is a short-term patent which holds your place in line in the patent process. Many people use a provisional patent when they have an idea but do not know if they want to spend the money seeking out a full patent. They can use a provisional patent to explore the idea more, but not worry about someone else stealing it and patenting it while it is developed further. 

A design patent protects how something looks and feels. It's often for when people have a design for some sort of existing product, like a car or a shoe, where people are making their purchasing decision based off the design. The design patent prevents others from stealing that design concept and using it as their own. 

Know Why To Hire A Lawyer

The process of filing for a patent can be long and complicated, and it is recommended that you use a lawyer to help you throughout the entire process. When you hire someone that is familiar with the process, they can walk you through it and make sure that everything is done correctly from start to finish. 

Mistakes not only cost you time, but they also cost you money when you are patenting something. If you have to go back and revise documents because you did not complete them properly, it is going to delay the process and cost you more money to file again. Patent applications are not often approved on the first attempt either, since it is common for more information to be requested. 

Know How To Prep For Filing

A lot of things can be done before you meet with your lawyer to file for a patent. It starts with writing down your thoughts about the patent so that it is documented. This includes the basics about how it works or a description of the design. You can then create drawings of the item that you are patenting to avoid any confusion.

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