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Things To Consider When Purchasing A Freezer

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What does it take to make sure that your frozen food is kept at the exact temperature that you want it to ensure the maximum life? Consumer refrigerators and freezers aren't the answer. Instead, you need a commercial freezer.

Commercial Freezer Benefits

Commercial freezers come with many benefits that you won't find in a consumer-grade freezer. Key benefits include:

  • Larger capacity — commercial freezers are meant to store a lot of food. In contrast, a residential freezer is designed for the needs of a typically sized family.
  • More robust exterior — commercial freezers have to hold up to constant use, sometimes in extreme environments or around other commercial-grade kitchen equipment. The exteriors are tougher and less likely to take damage from heavy use.
  • Consistent cooling throughout the freezer — consumer-grade freezers often have compressors that aren't as powerful, causing inconsistent cooling in different parts of the freezer.
  • Professional look and feel — sometimes, you are just going for a certain look. With a multi-door, commercial freezer, you can have a statement piece in your large kitchen. Or, if you are a business, it may just be a requirement to have a top-notch freezer.

Taking Care of Your Commercial Freezer

When you own a commercial versus residential freezer, you also need to take care of it. Whether you buy a new freezer or a used stainless steel three door commercial freezer, make sure to have a technician come out to regularly service the unit. The owner's manual will tell you how often you should have that done to ensure optimum performance.

Planning for Energy Costs

Also, plan for some extra costs that are associated with having a high-end freezer unit. It makes sense that the commercial freezer will consume more energy since it is larger and has a stronger compressor. Your energy bill may be higher, but your food will stay cold and fresh longer. Some of the increased cost will be offset by the higher efficiency of the commercial unit. To gain the same freezer space with consumer units, your energy costs would most likely be even higher for the same storage ability.

Used Versus New

If you are worried about the initial cost, consider buying a refurbished commercial freezer. Refurbished freezers are often taken back and re-certified by the manufacture before being put back out for sale. An added benefit is that refurbished units usually come with a factory warranty in case something happens.

Whether you are looking at a used or a new freezer for your storage needs, a commercial freezer can provide the added capacity and consistency that you need.

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