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Solenoid Valves — Operational Details

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Solenoid valves control the flow and direction of a fluid or gas. These critical parts are found in appliances, irrigation systems, and machinery. If you own a dishwasher that encounters a solenoid valve failure, you may find yourself in the position where you will be purchasing a new valve through an online distributor. 

The Role Of The Solenoid Valve

A solenoid valve is electronically-operated. This part contains a coil and a central plunger. A magnetic field is responsible for opening and closing the plunger. As this process is performed, a liquid or gas will either be routed through an electrical system or will be suspended.

Consider the role of your dishwasher. The water that is used to clean your dishes is released into the trays where you stack dirty plates, utensils, and other tableware. It is the solenoid valve's responsibility to direct the water during each wash and rinse cycle. If the solenoid valve fails to operate properly, water may not be distributed evenly or may not even be released into the interior cleaning chamber.

The Purchase Of A Solenoid Valve

Since solenoid valves are found in many different types of electrically-operated items, there are some sizing and style variables that an end user should consider. First, an owner's manual should be assessed, to determine the solenoid valve model number that will need to be replaced. If a manual isn't available to refer to, efforts should be made to inspect the item that contains the faulty solenoid valve.

In your situation, you can review all of the paperwork that came with your dishwasher. You should also assess your dishwasher and write down the model that you own. If you are unfamiliar with the location of the solenoid valve that your appliance is equipped with, you may need to hire a service technician to assist with replacing the solenoid valve. You can still order the part you need, however.

Many online distributors sell solenoid valves that can be used to repair household goods and commercial equipment. The solenoid valve that you order may be a product that is brand new or refurbished. If you decide to purchase a refurbished solenoid valve, review the warranty terms that an online distributor offers.

Each product that is ordered online will be shipped directly to a consumer. If you are going to be hiring a technician to repair your dishwasher, furnishing the solenoid valve that will be used for repair purposes can save you money on your repair bill.