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How to Pack and Organize Your Storage Unit

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If you are in the process of moving some or all of your possessions to a storage unit, you might find yourself at a loss regarding how to get everything started. Packing up your items to keep in storage for a prolonged period of time can be a challenge, but it is not an impossible task. Get to know some of the steps to pack and organize your belongings. Then, you will be ready to get your stuff moved into your storage unit as soon as possible.

Be Sure to Get Sturdy Moving Boxes

It can be hit or miss to get free boxes to use in the packing process, either from packages you have received, businesses, or elsewhere. However, not all cardboard boxes are created equal. The ones used to send you items in the mail are often made of thinner cardboard than boxes designed for storage and moving.

Be sure that you get some sturdy moving boxes from a moving company. This will help you to ensure that your possessions are going to be as safe and protected as possible while they are being stored.

Sort Your Possessions Carefully

When you are putting items into storage, you want to be as organized in the packing process as possible. You may need to find something specific later on and having boxes that are clearly organized or labeled can help to make that process as easy as possible.

As you begin to sort your items for packing, put all alike items together. For example, if you have numerous old greeting cards and other similar keepsakes, put all of them together. Try to gather all books together to be put in the same boxes. Keep everyday dishes in one box and put china and other utensils in another. Similarly, put similar cookware together like pots and pans in one box and glass and ceramic baking dishes in another.

The more organized you are before you start putting your items in boxes, the more organized you can be when you move items into your storage unit. And, of course, don't forget to clearly label everything.

Be Deliberate about Where You Place Things

Once you are all packed and ready to get your items into the storage unit, you will want to further organize everything. Look at your boxes and think about what you may need to access in the near future.

If you have a box of tax documents and receipts, for example, you will want to keep it toward the front of your storage unit. If you will want to exchange books from storage to your current home on a regular basis, you will want your books up near the front as well. Clothes are another item to keep easily accessible as you may need to rotate your wardrobe each season.

Items that you know you will not need until you clear out your storage unit entirely should be moved in first and placed in the back of the unit. This will help ensure that they are out of your way.

Now that you know some of the ways to organize and pack when you are moving your possessions into a storage unit, it is time to get started and get moved. Contact a company like North Star Mini Storage to rent a unit near you.