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Why You Should Consider Hiring A Santa For Your Next Christmas Party

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Santa Claus is one of, if not the most famous, holiday-related figures and a central element to many people's Christmas time and parties. While a lot of people use simple costumes and funny beards to recreate Santa during their festive season, this doesn't really have the same impact that a professional Santa does and it is only when you see them in action that you can really tell the difference. If you are organizing your next Christmas party and are unsure whether it is worth the money to hire a Santa, here are a few reasons that might help you change your mind.

Stays In Character

Having an outside professional come in as Santa not only helps with the suspension of disbelief for children (if there are any there) but it also allows everyone else at the party to have fun and play around with the Santa as well because they are good at staying in character. It is very easy to break the facade of a makeshift Santa because it is quite a funny situation to be in, but professional Santas have seen and done it all before, so they are virtually unflappable and will provide an excellent representation of the jolly figure.

Can Act As A Bit Of An MC

While organizing the party and all the different elements to it is definitely your responsibility and not the Santa's, what they can do is help you move along the schedule with the guests you have at the party. For example, if it is time to move from the introductory phase to the first game or open presents then Santa can be the one to suggest it. As the night goes on they can gently lead the group through the different stages you had in mind, especially if you communicate with them during the night so they know what is going on. 

Lightens The Mood Of Any Party

Santas could be a bit silly when you really think about what is going on, but often that is exactly what a party needs to break down the awkwardness and bring everyone in to enjoy the vibe. For office Christmas parties where everyone might not know each other well and can be a bit frigid around one another, a hired Santa can help everyone bond over the silliness and really let their hair down for a little bit. If you are worried your party might be a bit stiff or not as you expected, then a hired Santa will make all the difference. 

If you'd like to hire a Santa, contact a company in your area.